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About Us

For over a century, Eastern Savings Bank has been one of the most highly regarded names in banking, offering some of the greatest creative mortgage solutions to borrowers  - without the red tape! At Eastern Savings Bank, we understand the importance of excellent service and speed – after all, we have been providing it for over 100 years! We are very proud of our talented associates – a group of seasoned professionals, ready and willing to provide everyone with quality loan products and service to all of Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Click here to learn more about our experienced team of lenders.


Our History

Eastern Savings Bank was established in 1905 and is a privately held, family-owned business. We are one of the oldest community banks in the Baltimore area and we take pride in the mortgage loan opportunities we provide to our borrowers, as well as the role we play in donating our time and money to local charitable organizations.

Today, we continue that long-term tradition. We remain committed to strengthening our position within the communities we serve by building strong relationships with consumers, real estate agents, brokers, attorneys, builders, and developers. We continue to develop and perfect our products, services, and people at every turn.


Our Mission and Vision

The Lending Department of Eastern Savings Bank, fsb is a dynamic sales and service team dedicated to originating quality loans which produce an appropriate and reasonable return to ESB.  We are dedicated to continually enhancing our sales and service culture to identify, meet and exceed the needs of our borrowers and associates. Together we are one team recognizing that the overall success of our department is dependent upon the contribution of each and every member. We are committed to providing the environment, training and resources, which will attract and retain talented and dedicated individuals committed to excellence.


Submit your loan request online or call us directly at 1.800.787.LOAN today.


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